What is Human Dimensions?

Human Dimensions is used to better understand how simulation works when people are added as part of the scenario. Through this practise Human Dimension Simulation specialists gain knowledge of issues promoting best practises across industry.

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  • Raise the profile of the human and learning dimensions of simulation practices
  • Research and develop a better understanding of this emerging field
  • Facilitate professional interaction and knowledge exchange between members
  • Promote and highlight innovation and best practice examples within industry
  • Provide a platform and forum for the discussion of industry issues
  • Contribute to the development of standards for human dimensions in simulation

Key Activities

  • SimGhosts 2018 Workshop: “Creating a safe container for learning via simulation - analysis and experiences”
  • Best overall paper at Simulation Australasia Congress, 2017

Paper currently submitted for publication:

  • Naweed, A., Dennis, D., Crea, T., Krynski, B., Knott, C., Carrera, A., Heveldt, K.,Lyons, M. Towards establishing a safety container for all: exploring the psychological safety of faculty during simulation- based learning
  • Carrera AM, Naweed A, Leigh E, et al. Constructing “Safe Containers” for Effective Learning: A Cross- Domain Perspective. In: Australasian Simulation Congress, Melbourne, Australia, 2016
  • Human Dimensions in Simulation Workshop: Building a Safe Container, Chair: Dr Cameron Knott, Intensivist, Austin Health, A participative open forum and workshop interrogating inter industrial risks and safety standards in simulation from a human dimension and psychological perspective.
Diane Denis Chair
Deputy Chair
Anna Maria Carrera Committee Member
Kevin Heveldt Committee Member
Ben Krynski Committee Member
Dr Elyssebeth Leigh Committee Member
Marc Lyons Committee Member
Dr Anjum Naweed Committee Member